Goober & the Ghost Chasers
Premiered on ABC September 8, 1973

The reporters for Ghost Chasers Magazine are Tina, Ted, Gillie, and their red ski-hat wearing pet dog Goober. They would investigate haunted mansions and get caught up in ghoulish mysteries. Goober would turn invisible when he becomes frighted by ghosties & ghoulies. This TV series would also feature guest stars like the Partridge Family and Wilt Chamberlain in animation form!
Goober - Paul Winchell
Gillie - Ronnie Schell
Ted - Jerry Dexter
Tina - Joanne Harris
The Partridge Family:
Laurie Partridge - Susan Dey
Chris Partridge - Brian Foster
Tracy Partridge - Suzanne Crough
Danny Partridge - Danny Bonaduce

Goober & the Ghost Chasers Episodes
  • Assignment: The Ahaab Apparition
  • Brush Up Your Shakespeare
  • The Galloping Ghost - Wilt Chamberlain
  • The Singing Ghost
  • The Ghost Ship
  • Aloha Ghost
  • Mummy Knows Best
  • The Haunted Wax Museum
  • The Wicked Witch Dog
  • Venice Anyone?
  • Is Sherlock Holme?
  • A Hard Days Knight
  • Go West Young Ghost, Go West
  • That Snow Ghost
  • Inca Dinka Doo
  • Old McDonalds Had A Ghost - EE II EEYOW

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