Premiered (September 11,1976)
Created by Joe Ruby & Ken Spears
Jabberjaw is a great white shark thats speaks like "Curly" from the 3 Stooges, His favorite line is "No Respect" He lives underwater with his 4 teenage friends in the year 2021. They formed a rock group called
The Neptunes


Jabberjaw Episodes
  • Dr. Lo Has Got To Go
  • There's No Place Like Outer Space
  • Run, Jabber, Run
  • Atlantis Get Lost
  • The Sourpuss Octopus
  • Hang On To Your Hat, Jabber
  • The Great White Shark Switch
  • Claim Jumped Jabber
  • Ali Jabber And The Secret Thieves
  • Help, Help, It's The Phantom Kelp
  • The Helpin' The Sculpin'
  • The Bermuda Triangle Tangle
  • Malice In Aqualand
  • The Fast Paced Chase Race
  • There's No Heel Like El Eel
  • The Piranha Plot

Jabberjaw Listing in the TV Guide Fall Preview 1976

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