Two Stupid Dogs (1993)
also included:
Secret Squirrel (1993)

These two dimwitted canines get into so much trouble, in their never ending search for Food, Fun, & just plain Stupidity!! You just can't get enough of them.
The Big Dog - Brad Garrett
The Little Dog - Mark Schiff
Hollywood - Brian Cummings
Additional voices include:
Jeff Bennett, Gregg Berger, Carol Channing, Jim Cummings, Paul Eiding, Bernard Ernard, June Foray, John Frost, John Garry, Jess Harnell, Haven Hartman, Whitby Hertford, Tony Jay, Casey Kasem, Jean Kasem, Jarret Lennon. Pat Lentz, Tress MacNeille, Maureen McCormick, Rose Marie, Anna Meara, Scott Menville, Don Messick, Candi Milo, Gary Owens, Valery Pappas, Micheal Patani, Rob Paulsen, Susan Silo, Kath Soucie, Ben Stiller, Jerry Stiller, Tawni Tamietti, B J Ward, Frank Welker

Two Stupid Dogs Episodes


  • Red
  • Spit Soup
  • Hollywoods Ark
  • Pie in the Sky
  • Let's Make a Right Price
  • Return of Red
  • Sheep Dogs
  • Hobo Hounds (in black & white)
  • Show and Tell
  • Red Strikes Back
  • Bathroom Humor
  • Spooks a Poppin'
  • Jerk
  • Home is Where your Head is
  • Substitute Teacher
  • Las Pelotas!
  • At the Drive In
  • A Quarter
  • Love


  • Stunt Dogs
  • Post Office
  • Love Doctors
  • Far-Out Friday
  • Seeing Eye Dogs
  • Cat!
  • Love in the Park
  • Day Dream
  • Trash Day
  • Vegas Buffet
  • Where's The Bone?
  • Corn Flakes
  • Door Jam
  • Cookies, Ookies, Blookies
  • Family Values
  • Cartoon Canines
  • Inside Out
  • Fun!
  • The Rise and Fall of the Big Dog
  • Space Dogs

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