Birdman & the Galaxy Trio
Premiered (September 9, 1967)


Birdman Episodes

1967 - 1968

  • The Menace Of Dr. Millenium
  • X The Eliminator
  • The Ruthless Ringmaster
  • Morto the Marauder
  • Birdman Vs Cumulus the Storm King
  • Nitro the Human Bomb
  • Birdman vs the Mummer
  • The Quake Treat
  • Avenger for Ransom
  • The Brain Thief
  • Birdman vs the Constructor
  • Birdman meets Birdgirl
  • Birdman meets Reducto
  • Serpents of the Deep
  • Hannibal the Hunter
  • The Purple Moss
  • The Incredible Magnatroid
  • Mentor, the Mind Taker
  • The Wings of Fear
  • Birdman vs Dr. Freezoids
  • Train Trek
  • Number One
  • The Deadly Duplicator
  • The Deadly Trio
  • Professor Nightshade
  • The Chameleon
  • The Empress of Evil
  • Birdman meets Birdboy
  • Birdman meets Moray of the Deep
  • Birdman and the Monster of the Mountains
  • The Return of Volturo
  • Birdman in the Revenge of Dr. Millennium
  • The Wild Weird West
  • The Ant Ape
  • Morto Rides Again
  • Vulturo Prince of Darkness
  • Murro the Marauder
  • Birdman vs the Speed Demon
  • The Pirate Plot

Galaxy Trio Episodes

1967 - 1968

  • Revolt of the Robots
  • The Battle of Aquatrons
  • Galaxy Trio Versus the Moltens of Meteorus
  • Galaxy Trio Versus Growliath
  • Galaxy Trio & the Sleeping Planet
  • Galaxy Trio & the Cave Men of Primevia
  • Titan the Titanium Man
  • Computron Lives
  • Space Fugitives
  • The Eye of Time
  • The Duplitrons
  • The Demon Raiders
  • The Rock Men
  • Return to Aqueous
  • Space Slaves
  • Invasion of the Sporoids
  • Gralik of Gravitas
  • Plateaus the Pirate Planet
  • Drakmore the Despot

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