Casper & the Angels

Premiered on NBC (September 22, 1979)

Casper the Friendly Ghost in returns. This time in the Year 2179 in a City in Space a.ka. Space City. He then carries out to help his 2 female Space Patrol Officers named Mini & maxi for short. They are teamed up with an overweight apparation called Hairy Scarey.

Casper & the Angels Episodes
  • Casper's Golden Chance
  • Space Circus
  • Casper's Camp Out
  • Casper Ghosts West
  • Strike Four
  • The Space Pirate
  • The Cat Burglar
  • Ship-Wrecked
  • The Smiling Lisa
  • Something Fishy
  • A Pocket Full of Schemes
  • A Tale of Two Trashmen
  • T.V. or Not T.V.
  • Fatula
  • Gone to the Dogs
  • Private Eyeball to Eyeball
  • Champ for a Day
  • The Ghost Robbers
  • Aunt Mary Scarey
  • The Ice Heist
  • The Impossible Scream
  • A Shoplifting Experience
  • The Commander is Missing
  • Pre-Historic Hi-Jinx
  • Love at First Fright
  • Saving Grace in Outer Space

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