Dexter's Laboratory
Premiered (July 16, 1997)
created by Genndy Tartakovsky

Dexter is a young scientist, who has a secret laboratory that is hidden behind the bookshelf in his bedroom. He lives with his Mom and Dad and his spunky older sister, Dee Dee. Also Included with this show is "Dial M for Monkey" & "Justice Friends".

Other voices include:

Dexter's Laboratory episodes


  • Dee Dee's Room - Huntor (Dial M For Monkey) - The Big Sister
  • Dee Deemensional - Magmanamus (Dial M For Monkey) - Maternal Combat
  • Dexter's Rival - Simion (Dial M For Monkey) - Old Man Dexter
  • Jurassic Pooch - Orgon Grindor (Dial M For Monkey) - Dimwit Dexter
  • Dexter Dodgeball - Rasslor (Dial M For Monkey) - Dexter's Assistant
  • Babysitter Blues - Val Hallen's Room (Justice Friends) - Dream Machine
  • Dollhouse Drama - Krunk's Date (Justice Friends) - The Big Cheese
  • Way Of The Dee Dee - Say Uncle Sam (Justice Friends) - Tribe Called Girl
  • Spacecase - Ratman (Justice Friends) - Dexter's Debt
  • Inflato Dee Dee - Can't Nap (Justice Friends) - Monstory
  • Double Trouble - Barbequor (Dial M For Monkey) - Dexter's Laboratory
  • Star Spangled Sidekicks - TV Superpals (Justice Friends) - Game Over
  • Dexter's Rival (Rerun) - Bee Where? (Justice Friends) - Mandarker
  • Beard to be Feared - Quakor the Foul (Dial M For Monkey) - Ant Pants
  • Mom and Jerry - Chubby Cheese - That Crazy Robot
  • D & DD - Hamhocks and Armlocks
  • Hunger Strikes - The Koos Is Loose - Morning Stretch
  • Dee Dee Locks and The Ness Monster - Backfire - Book 'em
  • Sisters Got A Brand New Bag - Shoo Shoe Gnomes - Lab of the Lost
  • Labels - Game Show - Fantastic Boyage
  • Filet Of Soul - Gold Diskette
  • Snowdown - Figure Not Included - Mock 5
  • Ewww That's Growth - Nuclear Confusion - Germ Warfare
  • A Hard Days Day - Road Rash - Ocean Commotion
  • The Bus Boy - Things That Go Bonk In The Night (Justice Friends) - Ol' McDexter
  • Sassy Come Home - Photo Finish
  • Star Check Unconventional - Dexter Is Dirty - Ice Cream Scream
  • Decode of Honor - World's Greatest Mom - Ultrajerk 2000
  • Techno Turtle - Surprise - Got Your Goat
  • Dee Dee Be Deep - 911 - Down In The Dumps
  • Unfortunate Cookie - The Muffin King
  • Picture Day - Now That's A Stretch - Dexter Detention
  • Don't Be A Baby - Peltra (Dial M For Monkey) - G.I.R.L. Squad
  • Sports A Poppin' - Koos Ala Goop Goop - Project Dee Dee
  • Topped Off - Dee Dee's Tail - No Power Trip
  • Sister Mom - The Laughing
  • Dexter's Lab: A Story (features Scooby Snacks) - Coupon For Craziness - Better Off Wet
  • Critical Gas - Lets Save The World You Jerk! - Average Joe
  • Rushmore Rumble - A Boy and His Bug - You Vegatabelieve It
  • Dexter And Computress Get Mandark - Pain In The Mouth (Justice Friends) - Dexter Vs. Santa Claws
  • Aye Aye Eyes (song-Aye Aye Eyes by D. Joyce & S. Lively) - Dee Dee And The Man
  • Old Flame - Don't Be A Hero - My Favorite Martian
  • Paper Route Bout - The Old Switch A Rooms - Trick or Treehouse
  • Dyno-Mite (features Dynomutt & Blue Falcon) - L.A. Bretto
  • Dim - Just An Old Fashion Lab Song (features Paul Williams) - Reparanoid
  • Quiet Riot - Accent You Hate - Catch Of The Day
  • Dad Is Disturbed - Framed - That's Using Your Head
  • Backwards - The Continuum Of Cartoon Pals - Sun,Surf and Science
  • Big Bots - Gooey Aliens That Control Your Mind - Misplaced In Space
  • Dee Dee's Rival - Pslyghtly Psycho - Game For A Game
  • Blackfoot and Slim - Trapped With A Vengeance - The Parrot Trap
  • Last But Not Beast parts 1-2-3 features both (Justice Friends) & (Dial M For Monkey)

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