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Hello Flintstones fans, This is Ronn Webb. Having making my website on Hanna Barbera cartoons, I have been receiving daily email from alot of Flintstone veiwers. I just want to pass along one letter that was written to me. Here is Mike Eiland's letter:
I remember certain episodes by title because of that. Since titles are never seen in the reruns, no one knows that the birth of Pebbles episode was titled, "The Blessed Event," or that the title of the first episode shown was "The Flintstone Flyer." (The first one made was "The Swimming Pool").
Most of my information comes from old TV Guides and our local newspaper on microfilm at the library. Some of this stuff I've just never forgotten. I think you'll really like this. Maybe you can add this to your page since the Flintstones was such a special, ground-breaking show at the time (prime-time, pregnancy, birth, big guest stars). I wrote down the episodes and dates years ago for my own records, but have never been able to share the information until now. I highlighted pivotal episodes for each season.
Friday nights at 8:30 on ABC
Premiere September 30 Season end 4/7/61 ---28 episodes
''The Swimming Pool" was the pilot that sold the show, but since Fred and
Barney fought a lot on that one, ABC didn't want that to be America's
introduction to the characters, so "The Flintstone Flyer" was shown instead
and moved "Pool" to the third week.
"No Help Wanted" (10/21/60) was the first appearance of Dino.
"The Snorkasaurus Story" (1/17/61) is often noted as the first appearance of
Dino. But this one talked and was called Dino at the end, having been taken
home as a pet, so no wonder anyone would think so. Maybe H-B was hoping that
we forgot we saw Dino one time weeks earlier and tried this stunt on us?
Maybe they had a change of heart about having Dino talk because he surely
upstaged the other characters on that episode. One of the funniest in the
Friday nights 8:30 on ABC
Season premiere 9/15/61 Season end 4/27/62 ---32 episodes
Second season notes: Daws Butler did five episodes for Mel Blanc shown this
season after Blanc had a near-fatal car accident in January 1961---during the
first season of the Flintstones (all first-season episodes were completed
before the accident). Blanc had two other network TV shows that were
affected; "The Jack Benny Show" and "The Bugs Bunny Show." Certain framing
segments were repeated for the BB show since they were done for the television
show. The rest were the classic cartoons done years earlier.
The five Daws Butler episodes (where Barney sounds a lot like Yogi Bear):
"The Hit Songwriters" (guest starring Hoagy Carmichael) 9/15/61
"Droop Along Flintstone" 9/22/61
"Fred Flintstone Woos Again" 10/13/61
"The Rock Quarry Story" 10/20/61
"The Little White Lie" 11/10/61
Friday nights at 8:30 on ABC
Season premiere 9/14/62 Season end 4/5/63 ---28 episodes
Notes: FIRST SEASON IN COLOR! New theme song, "Meet The Flintstones"
replaces the original instrumental theme. Pebbles added to cast.
First episode SHOWN in color (but all episodes were MADE in color):
"Dino Goes Hollyrock" (9/14/62)
"The Blessed Event" (2/22/63) The birth of Pebbles Flintstone
Moves to THURSDAY NIGHTS at 7:30 on ABC
"Burke's Law" takes its old Friday night time slot
Season premiere 9/19/63 Season end 3/12/64 ---26 episodes
Season premeire episode:
Ann-Margrock Presents (guest starring Ann-Margret) 9/19/63
"Little Bamm-Bamm" 10/3/63 (The "adoption" of Bamm-Bamm)
Thursday nights at 7:30 until December 25, 1964, when "Christmas Flintstone"
returned the show to its old Friday night slot but at earlier 7:30 time.
"Jonny Quest" takes "The Flintstones" old Thursday night 7:30 slot. "Quest"
had premiered Friday, September 18, 1964 at 7:30.
Season premiere 9/17/64 Season end 3/12/65 ---26 episodes
Note: Gerry Johnson begins as Betty with "Hop Happy," as Bea Benadaret moves
on to continue with other projects including playing Kate on "Petticoat
Junction," by this time beginning its second season.
Season premiere episode:
"Hop Happy" (9/17/64)
"Christmas Flintstone" 12/25/64 (moves back to Friday nights, but at earlier
7:30 slot with this episode).
Season premiere 9/17/65 Season end 4/1/66 ---26 episodes
Friday nights at 7:30 on ABC
"Samantha" 10/22/65 (guest starring Dick York and Elizabeth Montgomery,
appearing like they do on the "Bewitched" animated opening, done by Hanna-
"The Great Gazoo" 10/29/65 (Harvey Korman begins as Gazoo)
"The Story of Rocky's Raiders" 4/1/66 (the last first-run episode)
There is a Flintstones book available, but it's pretty expensive. I flipped
through it and it has episode summaries for each show, but they are listed in
the order that they were made---not the order shown, but looks like great info
is there. I happened to see the paragraph about H-B doing the intro to
"Bewitched" while flipping through it. That's how I found that out. It
appears the book came out around the time of the Flintstones movie with John
Goodman because there is mention of it coming out soon.

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