Galtar and the Golden Lance
Premiered (September 2, 1985)
on Sunday mornings as part of "The Funtastic World of Hanna Barbera" .

On a mythical planet the fearless Galtar and his trustworthy steed Thork, uses sword and sorcery to protect Princess Goleeta and her brother Zorn, from the evil Lord Tormac, whose followers destroyed their families and villages. They seek revenge upon the dark fiend who plots to rule the universe. Luckily Galtar possesses an awesome weapon - The Golden Lance - that can even withstand Tormack's menacing blows.
Galtar - Lou Richards
Goleeta - Mary McDonald Lewis
Tormack - Brock Peters
Ither - Bob Arbogast
Krimm - Barry Dennen
Otar - George DiCenzo
Pandat - Don Messick
Rak - Bob Frank
Zorn - David Mendenhall
Tuk / Thork / Koda - Frank Wekler

Galtar and the Golden Lance Episodes
  • Galtar and The Princess
  • Skull Forest
  • Mursa The Merciless
  • Goleeta's reunion
  • Shadowhaunt
  • Tormack's Trap
  • Wicked Alliance
  • Vikor's Raiders
  • The Manta Marauders
  • The Master Fighters
  • The Maze Of Magus
  • Falca - Prietess Of Prey
  • Silver Sword
  • Zorn Meets Marion
  • Vikor's Revenge
  • Galtar's Challenge
  • Ither's Apprentice
  • Antara The Terrible
  • Tormacks Treachery
  • Love Of Evil

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