Grape Ape
originally titled
The Tom and Jerry / Grape Ape Show
Premiered (September 6, 1975)


Grape Ape Episodes
  • The All American Ape
  • That Was No Idol, That Was My Ape
  • Movie Madness
  • Trouble Of Bad Rock
  • Flying Saucery
  • There's No Feud Like An Old Feud
  • The Grape Race
  • The Big Parade
  • A Knight To Remember
  • S.P.L.A.T.
  • G.I. Ape
  • The Purple Avenger
  • Grapefinger
  • Who's New At The Zoo
  • Amazon Ape
  • Grape Marks The Spot
  • The Incredible Shrinking Ape
  • The Invisible Ape
  • Public Grape No. 1
  • S.P.L.A.T.'s Back (part 1)
  • Return to Bababoomba
  • What's A Nice Prince Like You Doing In A Duck Like That
  • A Grape Is Born
  • The Indian Grape Call
  • The First Grape In Space
  • S.P.L.A.T.'s Back (part 2)
  • To Sleep Or Not To Sleep
  • Olympic Grape
  • Ali Beagle And The Forty Grapes
  • The Purple Avenger Strikes Again
  • Grape 5-O
  • The Grape Connection

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