Heckle & Jeckle
Premiered on the silver screen in (1946)

The Talking Magpies were created by Paul Terry, head of Terrytoons.
These two twin birds are always getting themselves into trouble.

Heckle & Jeckle Films
  • The Talking Magpies
  • The Univited Pest
  • McDougal's Rest Farm
  • Happy Go Lucky
  • Cat Trouble
  • The Intruders
  • Flying South
  • Fishing by the Sea
  • Super Salesman
  • Hitch Hikers
  • Taming the Cat
  • Sleepless Night
  • Magpie Madness
  • Out Again In Again
  • Free Enterprise
  • GoonieGolfers
  • Power of Thought
  • Lion Hunt
  • Stowaways
  • Happy Landing
  • Hula Hula Land
  • Dancing Shoes
  • Fox Hunt
  • Merry Chase
  • King Tut's Tomb
  • Rival Romeos
  • Bulldozing the Bull
  • The Rainmakers
  • Steeple Jacks
  • Sno Fun
  • Movie Madness
  • Seaside Adventure
  • Off to the Opera
  • House Busters
  • Moose on the Loose
  • Hair Cut-Ups
  • Pill Peddlers
  • Ten Pin Terrors
  • Bargain Daze
  • Log Rollers
  • Blind Date
  • Satisfied Customers
  • Blue Plate Symphony
  • Miami Maniacs
  • Pirates Gold
  • Wild Life
  • Thousand Smile Check Up
  • Trapeze Pleeze
  • Mint Men
  • Deep Sea Doodle
  • Stunt Men
  • Sappy New Year
  • Messed Up Movie Makers

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