Powerpuff Girls
Premiered on Cartoon Network as part of World Premiere Toons (1995)
Premiered on Cartoon Network as a series (1998)
created by Craig McCracken

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice!!!

Cast of Characters include:
Blossom , Buttercup, Bubbles, Prof Utonium, Mojo Jojo, The Mayor, Ms Sara Bellum, Ms Keane, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Boogie Man, Him, Princess Morbucks, Lenny Baxter, The Amoeba Boys, Gangreen Gang, Mitch & Talking Dog.

PowerPuff Girls Episodes
  1. Insect Inside - Powerpuff Bluff
  2. Monkey See, Doggy Do - Mommy Fearest
  3. Octi Evil - Geshundfight
  4. Buttercrush - Fuzzy Logic
  5. Boogie Frights - Abracadaver
  6. Telephonies - Tough Love
  7. Major Competition - Mr. Mojo's Rising
  8. Paste Makes Waste - Ice Sore
  9. Bubblevicious - The Bare Facts
  10. Cat Man Do - Impeach Fuzz
  11. Just Another Manic Mojo - Mime For A Change
  12. The Rowdyruff Boys
  13. Uh Oh Dynamo
  14. Stuck Up, Up and Away - School House Rocked
  15. Collect Her - Supper Villain
  16. Birthday Bash - Too Pooped To Puff
  17. Dream Scheme - You Snooze You Lose
  18. Beat Your Greens - Down n' Dirty
  19. Slave The Day - Los Dos Mojos
  20. A Very Special Blossom - Daylight Savings
  21. Mo Job - Pet Feud
  22. Imaginary Friend - Cootie Gras
  23. The Powerpuff Girls Best Raindy Day Adventure Ever - Just Desserts
  24. Twisted Sister - Cover Up
  25. Speed Demon - Mojo Jonesin
  26. Something's a Ms. - Slumbering With the Enemy

Townsville Enemies

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