Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole
originally titled The Atom Ant / Secret Squirrel Show
Premiered (October 2, 1965)
Brand New episodes were produced in (1993) and included with:
Two Stupid Dogs

Secret Squirrel - Mel Blanc
Morocco Mole - Paul Frees

Secret Squirrel episodes


  • Yellow Pinkie
  • Wolf In Cheap Cheap Clothing
  • Scotland Yard Caper
  • Sub Swiper
  • Royal Run Around
  • Masked Granny
  • Robin Hood And His Merry Muggs
  • Five is a Crowd
  • It Stopped Training
  • Wacky Secret Weapon
  • Cuckoo Clock Cuckoo
  • Catty Cornered
  • Leave Wheel Enough Alone
  • Jester Minute
  • Not So Idle Idol
  • Gold Rushed
  • Double Ex-Double Cross
  • Capt. Kidd's Not Kidding
  • Tusk-Tusk
  • Bold Rush



  • Robot Rout
  • Hi Spy
  • The Pink Sky Mobile
  • Scuba-Duba Duba
  • Spy In The Sky
  • Ship Of Spies


Super Secret Secret Squirrel

from the "Two Stupid Dogs" Show


  • One Ton
  • Scirrocco Mole
  • Hot Rodney
  • Greg
  • Quark
  • Platypus
  • Egg
  • Voodoo Goat
  • Chamleon
  • Agent Penny
  • Goldflipper
  • Queen Bea
  • Doctor O


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