The Radical Squadron
Premiered (1993)

Jake Clawson as Razor - Barry Gordon
Chance Furlong as T-Bone - Charles Adler
Commander Ulysses Feral - Gary Owens
Mayor Manx - Jim Cummings
Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs - Tress MacNeille
Professor Hackle - George Hearn
Mac Mange - Neil Ross
Molly Mange - April Winchell
Felina Feral - Lori Alan
Ann Gora - Candi Milo
Dr. Abby Sinian - Linda Gary
Mr. Young - Robert Ito
The Pastmaster - Keene Curtis
Hard Drive - Rob Paulsen
Dark Kat - Brock Peters
Dr. Viper - Frank Welker
Guard - Loren Leste

SWAT KATS episodes


  • The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice
  • The Giant Bacteria
  • The Wrath Of Dark Kat
  • Destructive Nature
  • The Metallikats
  • Bride Of The Pastmaster
  • Night Of The Dark Kat
  • Chaos In Crystal
  • The Ghost Pilot
  • Metal Urgency
  • The Ci-Kat-A
  • Enter The Madkat
  • Katastrophe


  • Mutation City
  • A Bright And Shiny Future
  • When Strikes Mutilor
  • Razor's Edge
  • Cry Turmoil
  • Swat Kats Unplugged
  • The Deadly Pyramid
  • Caverns Of Horror
  • Volcanus Erupts!
  • The Origin Of Dr. Viper
  • The Dark Side Of The Swat Kats
  • Unlikely Alloys
  • Succubus

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